16-year-old Sandon Whittaker wins the Siargao Surfing Cup

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Sandon Whittaker: he is only 16, but he won an event at Cloud 9 | Photo: WSL

Sandon Whittaker conquered the 2016 International Siargao Surfing Cup, at Cloud 9, in the Philippines.

In the final against the local talent Philmar Alipayo, the young Australian surfed four two-to-three-foot waves and got the scores he needed from the judges. Whittaker, 16, competed less than 24 hours after overcoming a viral illness.

“This is a dream come true. This is only my third QS event, so I had low expectations, especially being a 16-year-old with all the older guys. It doesn’t feel real. Coming up against Philmar was scary because local knowledge is very important here,” explained Sandon Whittaker.

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