“Buttons” Kaluhiokalani’s story hits the big screen

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Montgomery 'Buttons' Kaluhiokalani: one of the most iconic surfers of the 1970s | Photo: Aloha Buttons

“Aloha Buttons,” a documentary film about the life of Montgomery Kaluhiokalani, promises to reveal fresh details about one of the most iconic surfers of the 1970s.

“Buttons” was what we usually call a legend. His bold personality – in and out of the water – reached many people, but it was his passion for surfing that really stood out.

The Hawaiian only lived 54 years. He was an ambassador of Aloha and, despite a few problems with drugs in the early 2000s, “Buttons” managed to recover his health. At 51, he was still dropping into a few Teahupoo bombs.

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