Do you remember the last time you bought a watch?

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Of course you do, as it’s one of the most painful and long winded shopping experiences you’ll ever have to go through. I’m not exaggerating even slightly. Being the type of person that on the one hand, spends about 50% of my life in the water, yet also wants to look presentable and slightly less drowned-rat-esque when out of the water; it seems as thought there’s an on-going toss up between practicality and style. To me it’s simple to pair the two together, and apparently that’s exactly how BLKCHURCH, a fresh new brand outta Devon, feel too. These guys not only have their wits about them, but an ever growing following as well. It’s about time a product (and brand) like this hit our wrists.


Let me tell you a little more about the personal side of BLKCHURCH and its creators; Carl Lobato and Livvy Garrad. Much like many of us Devonians, the pair strive for their time outside. Whether it’s windsurfing, skiing or just admiring the scenery you’ll find them there, enjoying every second of it. Though they may have salty hair and sun warmed faces don’t let that trick you. Dissimilar to many, these two were faced with a dilemma yet sought to solve rather than endure it. If it’s watches, clothes or even surfboards we’ve all had to face the ‘practical but ugly as hell’ dilemma for these two however, enough was enough, and they set out to be different.

The whole concept of BLKCHURCH is this: Watches that are not only practical when you need them to be, in all elements, but are comfy, stylish and manage to retain that ‘effortless cool’ that’s so hard to come by in this industry. Often when the word ‘customisation’ comes to mind, so do ‘naff’ and ‘cheesy’HOWEVER, what I like about these watches is that yes, you can customise them, and yes you can choose from a variety of colours, but you can only ever have three different colours on one watch (one for the casing, strap and clips). This means that whilst you can get a little jazzy with the sick selection of colours they provide, your watch still retains its simplicity and its class.


Currently, BLKCHURCH are crowd funding in order to raise capital to purchase their first order from suppliers. The campaign to do so has been live since 3rd May and the pair, in just 10 days, have managed to raise their total of £6000. They’ve managed to market themselves in a way that you’d never expect from such a new company. With 4 team riders already enjoying their customised watches and a social media presence that’s as good as any I’ve seen from more established outdoor/lifestyle brands, we can definitely expect big things from these guys. So, if my words, their story or your own curiosity has had any sort of impact, get yourself over to their site and order yourself one of these babies, as they say times a’ ticking…


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