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Blueprint Eyewear asked us to review a pair of their new sunglasses.

So we did. But probably not how they were expecting.


We went for the Ashrock Electric Aqua (RRP £33 + p&p). See-through plastic frames and polarised lenses with solid blue tint.

Firstly, let’s cover off all the standard review stuff people seem to care about:

They’re strong, light, fit nicely and make the sun less offensive. Gold star.

What caught our eye was the product description on the website. It says they’ll even turn your paunchy dad into a cool surf dude.

Which got us thinking, how old do you have to be before they stop making you look cool?

This clearly warranted investigation.




Yep. Definitely looking cool. But then this is the model from the website so it’s kind of his job.




Still pretty cool. Like a poster for the M&S summer range.




Coolness meets maturity. And the metallic blue tint gives a new meaning to ‘steely gaze’.




What’s not to love about this? It says, “I’m old. Deal with it.”




I think we’ve found Blueprint’s untapped demographic. Compare it with the first photo and see which one looks sillier.



You don’t lose coolness with age. You just need the right pair of sunglasses to bring it out.


Conclusion about the sunglasses

They’re awesome. They do the job, look really good without being too attention-seeking and all for a good price. Blueprint, we salute you.




Check out their whole range on their website. They make nice videos too:



And if you’re after some pro surf gear to go with your new Blueprint Eyewear, get it from the Hotswell Surf Shop. Go on.



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