How to live the ultimate surfing lifestyle

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Surfing: a religion, a lifestyle, an addiction | Photo: Shutterstock

Though the iconic illustration of a surfer is one of a peaceful individual living a simple life, the reality often requires some sacrifices and a lifestyle quite removed from that as viewed by non-surfers.

Actually, living a surfer’s lifestyle is not about how exactly you appear; the things you wear or simply getting a surfboard tucked under your arm. It is just about a mindset, commitment to the ocean and accepting the fact that almost everything needs to take second place the instant the waves start to roll in.

People who have fully committed themselves to surfing usually tend to do this in one of two ways – by relocating to the ocean and surfing at a devoted break day in and day out or by giving up the usual trappings of life and traveling the entire world in a continuous search for the perfect wave.

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