Hypto Krypto is the Surfboard of the Year 2015 by the Australian surf industry

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Hypto Krypto: the best selling board in the Haydenshapes range | Photo: Haydenshapes

The Haydenshapes “Hypto Krypto” conquered the “Surfboard of the Year” trophy at the 2015 Australian Surf Industry Awards, held at Tweed Heads, Gold Coast.

Over 200 retailers and brand representatives from the Australian surf industry gathered to collect 34 awards ranging from “Boardshort of the Year” to “Australian Retailer of the Year”.

The “Hypto Krypto” surfboard model resembles an old school twin in the nose, yet draws back to a tight rounded pintail. The wider/straighter outline at the front gives more speed, yet the pintail allows a tight turn in the pocket.

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