“It’s either quit or win,” says Kelly Slater

Off 8

Kelly Slater: floater in Fiji | Photo: ASP/Kirstin

Kelly Slater believes that it’s make-or-break time for him in the World Surf League. He says, “it’s either quit or win.”

With a couple of throwaways, Kelly Slater is under pressure. The world, the fans, the media, everyone wants the 11-time world surfing champion to perform at the highest level and, ultimately, to win events.

Slater is the most successful pro surfer of all time at Fiji. But will he step up his game in Cloudbreak and Restaurants? Will the Floridian find inspiration in his “Kelly Slater In Black and White” days? Once thing’s for certain: Slater understands the past to prepare for the future.

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