Kissed or Cursed? The Andy Irons documentary review

Off 5

Sooner or later, drugs are gonna get ‘ya. Sooner or later, drugs are gonna win – and you’re gonna lose. As I write these words, I can’t help think about the late River Phoenix and what could have been.

So much accomplished at a young age, yet leaving so much potential, for future greatness on the table.

More recently, in the past five or ten years or so, a whole bunch of talented, wealthy, famous people with every reason to live have been dropping dead in their forties and 50s: Tom Petty (1950-2017 = 66) Michael Jackson (1958-2009 = 51), George Michael (1963-2016 = 53), Prince (1958-2016 = 57), “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani (1958-2013 = 55), Jay Adams (1961-2014 = 51), Shawn “Barney” Barron (1970-2015 = 44), Vince Collier (1960-2018 = 57).

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