Scrambled! The Pro Surfer’s Name Anagram Edition

Off 4

Anagrams in surfing: meet Mack Finning, a pro surfer | Photo: Quiksilver

There you go. Here’s an article for Scrabble addicts, anagram enthusiasts, and word lovers. Warning: the following lines contain absurd, explicit, and surreal letters turned to words.

Surfers score Perfect 10-point rides, but when their names enter the unscramble machine, you don’t always get a flawless word play. In some cases – John John Florence, Julian Wilson, Jordy Smith, Adriano de Souza, Conner Coffin, and Matt Banting – computer says “no.”

Nevertheless, we’ve grabbed World Surf League’s Championship Tour (CT) roster and rearranged the pro surfing names that could be scrambled.

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