When should surfers wear helmets?

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Surf helmets: protect your head from lacerations, perforated eardrums and scalp cuts | Photo: WSL

They still don’t look cool, but as with anything, it might only be a matter of time. Surfing is not one of the most dangerous sports in the world. We know that. At least, until something painful happens.

For many, wearing a helmet in surfing can be a ludicrous and unnecessary idea, but when accidents happen – and some of them were already fatal – protective headgear makes the difference. Yes, some kooks wear helmets in two-foot summer surf, but what if they were doing the right thing?

Studies have revealed that nearly 40 percent of all surf-related injuries involve the head. If you get hit by a surfboard, or if you hit the reef with your head, you can drown, suffer multiple lacerations, perforate an eardrum, or end up with facial and scalp cuts.

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