Wipeouts. Putting things into perspective.

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With the recent general election most of the Great British people seem to have been under stress. Who to vote for? Can you trust them? Do you even understand their policies?

I can tell you one thing for sure. It’s finished. Result is in, numbers are crunched. So let’s not waste any more time talking about it. Let us move on to a more light hearted subject.





Photo: Richard JB Lipscombe


They can be big! Or small. P.s Small ones can still hurt. I’ve injured myself in 2ft shorebreak, but been able to take a 6ft set on the head no problem.

Airdrops, faceplants, ankles first (that hurts) we can end up upside down or we can even end up having no idea which way is up!



Photo: Richard JB Lipscombe

We all have them, if you don’t wipeout sometime then you’re just not trying hard enough. I’d like to encourage you to share them with pride. You tried in that session, we can see it in your bruises. Don’t get out though. The paddle of shame then the lonely walk, head down, up the beach. If you can still keep going take another wave. Nobody wants to finish a surf off on a wipeout. Finish on a good note.



Photo: MJ Photography


Oh and it’s never as bad as you think it is. Take Billy Kemper here for example, watch his wipeout of the year nomination for the Billabong XXL. Compare that to yours and it just won’t seem so bad.



By Jessie Tuckman


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Cover photo: Beyond the Lens

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