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Big wave surfers ready for large South American swell

Off 10

Punta de Lobos: swell on the way

The Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta de Lobos 2014, in Chile, is on yellow alert, as a 30-foot ocean swell heads towards South America.

The newly-created ASP Big Wave World Tour (BWWT) has announced that the Chilean contest, as well as the Billabong Pico Alto, in Peru, are on yellow alert, with a large swell moving northeast from Antarctica. Chack the wave height forecast for the region.

“If the elements continue to align, we’ll declare a start to this year’s first big-wave competition. Currently, we have a few options with this swell: run in Chile, run in Peru, run in both or run in neither,” explains Peter Mel, ASP Deputy Commissioner.

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