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Cloudbreak fires first barrels for the Fiji Pro 2014

Off 3

Kelly Slater: relaxing at home

Kelly Slater opened the Fiji Pro 2014 with the highest heat total of Round 1, in three-to-five foot (1-1.5 metre) surf, at Cloudbreak.

Done and dusted. Slater, a four-time Fiji Pro winner, started strong connecting a series of sizzling backhand turns for a 7.17. Later, Kelly strengthened his lead with a backhand barrel for a 7.67. No chances for Jeremy Flores and Isei Tokovou.

“I feel good out here and right at home – I understand the wave. It’s pedal-to-the-metal time for all the guys that are up there in the World Title race, somebody has to start pulling away and making something happen,” says Slater.

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